New Launch: Lakme Absolute Shine Line Eyeliner Liquid Gold Review, Swatches of All New Shades, EOTD



Hello ladies,

Lakme added some more products to their new “Illuminating” range, including Illuminating Foundation in 4 shades, Shine Line eyeliner in 3 metallic shades, and some Shimmer Gel nail paints during Lakme Fashion Week Winter Festive 2016. I found the idea of “illuminate and shine” to be so apt for the upcoming festive season, and I was on the lookout for these products. It actually took quite a while from these products to hit the stores. First, I picked Lakme Absolute Illuminating Foundation, which I liked except for the shade match, and then Lakme Absolute Shine Line eyeliner in the shade “Liquid Gold.” There are 3 new shades to this line, and this metallic gold shade was an instant liking.

Price: INR 450 for 4.5 ml [BUY HERE: Lakme Absolute Shine Line Eye Liner, Liquid Gold, 4.5ml]

Shelf Life: 30 months



Ingredients: Not listed. It would have been great if Lakme had included the ingredients list in the outer carton box.

Product Description: Backstage experts at Lakme Fashion Week bring to you intense color in on-trend metallic shades. Easy glide, for impeccably styled eyes, every time!



My Experience with Lakme Absolute Shine Line Eyeliner Liquid Gold

Packaging: This eyeliner comes in a sleek, transparent packaging with a black twist-up cap. Its see-through packaging makes it so convenient to pick up the needed shade. It is sturdy and leakproof, making it travel friendly. It has a slim, dense, flexible brush. The long handle of the brush gives good control to apply really thin lines. The outer paperboard carton is also full black and contains all the necessary information, except the ingredients list.



Texture: The texture of this eyeliner is neither thick nor runny. It has a smooth, liquidy consistency and applies evenly on the eyes. One stroke is enough to draw a precise line. It dries up super quickly. Though shimmery, it does not have chunky shimmer particles. It is not waterproof but water resistant.



Shade: “Liquid Gold” is a metallic gold shade with green undertones. The fact that it does not have that bright yellow undertone impresses me. As the color is subtle and not too bold, it will certainly suit all skin tones. This is a pretty color for the upcoming festive and wedding seasons. This muted gold shade brightens up the face instantly.



Below are swatches of all 3 new shades added to this range:



Performance: This eyeliner is quite easy to use. The shimmers add a beautiful sheen rather than glittery effect. Its color payoff is great, and layering is not necessary. It is so smooth and glides on like a dream. It feels very soft when applied. It is absolute pleasure to draw fine, thin lines with this eyeliner brush. It dries up pretty fast and has a glossy finish even after it dries. It does not smudge, flake, or crack. The most important thing is it does not transfer to your crease line. It stays put on the lids as long as you have it and never streaks, unless you rub it. If rubbed, it flakes off. As it is not waterproof, it is easily removable; no need for any makeup remover. This quality makes it convenient for daily wear as well. It is comfortable to wear and did not irritate my eyes. Overall, a good colored liquid eyeliner.



Pros of Lakme Absolute Shine Line Eyeliner Liquid Gold

  • Pretty muted metallic gold shade
  • Ideal color for weddings and special occasions
  • Glides on smoothly and evenly
  • Gives a glossy finish
  • Dries up super quickly
  • Does not smudge, flake, or crack
  • Has an incredible staying power
  • Can draw precise, fine, thin lines with its brush
  • Easily removable
Lakme Absolute Shine Line Eyeliner Liquid Gold as an Eyeliner


Cons of Lakme Absolute Shine Line Eyeliner Liquid Gold

  • Not waterproof but water resistant
  • Increased price
  • Missing ingredients list
Lakme Absolute Shine Line Eyeliner Liquid Gold All Over the Eyelid


Rating: 4.5/5

Would I Recommend/Repurchase Lakme Absolute Shine Line Eyeliner Liquid Gold

If you are someone who loves to wear colored eyeliners, this is a definite must have. Its brush will make it quite easy to use it even for beginners using liquid eyeliners. As I would be using this color only for special occasions, I may not be in a position to repurchase it. If needed, I will definitely repurchase.

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