New Garnier Ultra Blends Royal Jelly & Lavender Anti Hairfall Shampoo Review



Hello ladies,

Garnier India recently launched Ultra Blends, a new range of paraben-free shampoos and conditioners blended with love and natural ingredients. They have come up with five loving blends for India. Each blend caters to a specific hair type and hair problem—in other words, “a blend for every hair type.” I was so excited to try this range from the moment of its launch, and my love for this range indeed increased after using their Henna & Blackberry Nourishing Shine Shampoo and Conditioner. My next pick was the blend Royal Jelly & Lavender Anti Hairfall Shampoo and Conditioner for breaking hair that is prone to fall.

Price: INR 55 for 75 ml, INR 120 for 175 ml, INR 230 for 340 ml [BUY HERE: Garnier Ultra Blends Royal Jelly and Lavender Shampoo]

Shelf Life: 24 months




Product Description: Garnier Ultra Blends is a complete haircare range with precious natural ingredients, finely selected for their known efficacy on hair and blended in paraben-free formulas. Discover our bespoke blends for your everyday hair needs. The rich blend of gelatinous Royal Jelly with the sensorial effect of Lavender, re-build and restructure the hair strand by strand. Discover hair that is re-constructed strand by strand to give stronger, fuller and resistant to fall.



My Experience with New Garnier Ultra Blends Royal Jelly & Lavender Anti Hairfall Shampoo

Packaging: This shampoo comes in a semi-opaque brownish yellow-colored plastic bottle with a honey-colored flip-top cap. The cap has a beautiful leaf engraving, representing the brand’s logo. It can perfectly hold one’s thumb, making it easy to flip open the cap. A big shout-out to Garnier for this brilliant idea! The front label has some classy and vibrant prints, whereas the back label sources all the necessary information. Being sleek, sturdy, and leak-proof makes it absolutely travel friendly. Garnier’s packaging has always been visually pleasing, and they have literally hit the bull’s eye with this range. I just love the packaging.



Texture: The texture of this shampoo is very light, thin, and runny and is ideal for daily use. The actual shampoo comes in the usual white color. It has a strong fragrance of lavender, which was nice, aromatic, and soothing, and not overpowering. Moreover, the heavenly fragrance lingers on the hair for quite some time as well. Its light texture makes it to dilute easily with water.



Performance: This shampoo is a gentle, paraben-free, and natural extracts one. It is customized for Indian hair to offer wholesome, natural blends for truly beautiful hair. Its core ingredients are royal jelly and lavender. Royal jelly is an extract of the beehive and is known to be rich in amino acids, vitamins, and lipids that help reinforce and strengthen the hair, whereas lavender is known to purify and renew and is been used since the Middle Ages. When this shampoo is infused with these two ingredients, its goodness comes along without any saying.



It is an easy-to-use, everyday shampoo. It lathers well and is effective. It just needs one wash to clear off the applied oil-in-cream, but a minimum of two washes when overnight oiling method is followed. It works well both as an everyday gentle shampoo and as a deep-cleaning shampoo. It did not rip off the natural richness of my hair and gave a healthy and bouncy feel, which I absolutely love. It did add a little bit of volume to my hair. It is best for normal, non-problematic hair as one could enjoy completely what this shampoo is intended to offer.



Now let us talk about its claim of being an anti hairfall shampoo. Oh my goodness, it just amazed me how true its claim is. Within two to three washes, there was a significant reduction in my hairfall, and the result indeed improved wash after wash. It was magical to see less hairfall and improving hair strength with continuous use of this shampoo. Being an anti hairfall shampoo, this shampoo did not dry my hair; it indeed makes my hair soft and light. It controls frizziness to an extent, and this issue can be easily sorted out with the use of conditioner of the same variant. The only downside is its effects are not lasting longer. It could probably be due to my workout routine, so I have no issue on that. Overall, I am very much pleased with this shampoo and enjoying every wash with it.



Pros of New Garnier Ultra Blends Royal Jelly & Lavender Anti Hairfall Shampoo

  • Attractive packaging
  • Travel friendly
  • Controls hairfall to a greater extent
  • Improves hair strength
  • True to its claims
  • Is gentle and ideal for everyday use
  • Lathers well and is effective
  • Makes hair healthy and bouncy
  • Smells amazing
  • Very affordable

Cons of New Garnier Ultra Blends Royal Jelly & Lavender Anti Hairfall Shampoo

  • Effect did not last longer
  • Controls frizziness only to an extent

Rating: 4.8/5

Would I Recommend/Repurchase New Garnier Ultra Blends Royal Jelly & Lavender Anti Hairfall Shampoo

It gets a big YES from me! Its claims are so attractive, and it is paraben free as well. I would like to try other variants from this range as I am all for their rich ingredients that are blended with love, just for our hair, but currently I am in so much love with this shampoo that I just stopped using all other shampoos, including Garnier Henna & Blackberry Nourishing Shine Shampoo 😉

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