Nykaa Country Rose Shower Gel Review

Nykaa Country Rose Shower Gel


Hello ladies,

I recently picked up French Lavender and Country Rose shower gels from Nykaa’s own line of bath and body products. By the way, this range consists of a shower gel, a body lotion, and a body mist in four fragrance variants: French Lavender, Country Rose, Fresh Aqua, and Tropical Jasmine. As I have already shared my thoughts on French Lavender shower gel, let us now see how Country Rose shower gel fared on me.

Price: INR 450 for 300 ml [BUY HERE]

Shelf life: 36 months

Shelf Life of Nykaa Country Rose Shower Gel



Ingredients of Nykaa Country Rose Shower Gel


Product Description: Loving yourself is no mean feat. Think about how the stars shine for you and how the wind makes the leaves dance as you walk your walk. Our Country Rose range is here to amp up your self-love to sky rocketing levels. Begin your day by immersing into the serenity and poise of the Country Rose that fine tunes the vibes of your spirit. Whoever you are, the rock-chic girl, the polka dot lover, or the tree-hugging gypsy, celebrate your femininity with its rosy better half. Add on the happy factor as the delicate, effusive scent of rose soaks into your pores and makes you squiggle like a babe! At the office, on the long ride to a meeting, or at the club—you’ve got you’re A-game on. Your day may be no bed of roses but you’re gonna smell like it anyway!

Product Description of Nykaa Country Rose Shower Gel


My Experience with Nykaa Country Rose Shower Gel

Packaging: This shower gel comes in a transparent plastic bottle with a black push cap. The actual shower gel comes in a beautiful rose color, brimming to the neck of the bottle. The front label has a classy picture of a model and country roses, whereas the back label sources all the necessary information. As it holds 300 ml of product, the bottle seems to be bulky and heavy, making it not so travel friendly. However, the packaging is sturdy and leak-proof. It is quite an ordinary packaging, nothing fancy or appealing.

Packaging of Nykaa Country Rose Shower Gel


Texture: The texture of this shower gel is thick and runny. Only a little amount of product is needed. Therefore, this bottle is going to last for longer. The actual shower gel comes in a translucent pale rose color. It lathers up very well with or without a loofah. As the shower gel is thick, using a loofah was not harsh on the skin.

Texture of Nykaa Country Rose Shower Gel


Fragrance: This shower gel has a mild, calming rose scent to it, which is so soothing. Unlike French Lavender shower gel, you do not get soapy smell when you start to lather this shower gel. The wonderful rose smell lingers throughout your bath. However, the fragrance does not last long.

Fragrance of Nykaa Country Rose Shower Gel


Performance: This shower gel is a good hygiene product that cleans us and produces abundant foamy lather while not irritating the skin. It does not rip of moisture from the skin nor dry out the skin. Probably, the presence of glycerin is taking care of it. However, it does not have moisturizing effect as well. I love its paraben-free formula. The shower gel leaves the skin refreshed. Its scent is mild and appealing rather than being over the top. The fragrance, like other body washes, does not last very long, but if followed up with other products from this range, probably the fragrance will last longer. If you are someone who gets bored using the same shower gel for a longer period, then add another one to your washroom, as this bottle of 300 ml is going to last you for a very long time. For its price, you get a really good amount of product. However, its price tag is calling it to be compared to The Body Shop shower gels. If you had used them, you could have made out what I am trying to say here. Overall, a good, value-for-money shower gel.

Performance of Nykaa Country Rose Shower Gel


Pros of Nykaa Country Rose Shower Gel

  • Attractive rose color
  • Sturdy and leak-proof packaging
  • Is gentle and ideal for everyday use
  • Lathers well and is effective
  • Does not rip off moisture from the skin
  • Good quantity of product
  • Paraben free

Cons of Nykaa Country Rose Shower Gel

  • Simple, boring, bulk packaging
  • Fragrance did not last longer

Rating: 4.25/5

Would I Recommend/Repurchase Nykaa Country Rose Shower Gel

If you are someone who likes to use products that are completely value for money for its quantity, then this shower gel is genuinely good for you. I already have two variants to be used up, so I will not be repurchasing this shower gel.

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