Spinz Sun-Tan Remover Review

Spinz Sun-Tan Remover


Hello ladies,

When summer is in full swing, it is all likely that our skin is going to get tanned. I am one of the worse affected as my skin tends to tan very easily. There will be a visible tan on my skin even if I am out in the sun for the shortest time possible. I have tried and tested many methods and products and found the best result in “Spinz Sun-Tan Remover.” I guess it is the right time to introduce you all to this lifesaver 🙂

Price: INR 49 for 25 g [also available in single-use sachets for INR 10 and 50 g pack for INR 89]

Shelf life: 2 years


Ingredients of Spinz Sun-Tan Remover


Product Description: Spinz Sun-Tan Remover is a revolutionary product from the house of CavinKare. When your skin is exposed to the sun, it causes immediate pigment darkening also called as “tan.” Spinz Sun-Tan Remover helps remove this tan and gives you salon-like fairness in just 5 minutes. It is powered by natural ingredients such as saffron, milk, honey, and lemon. All these ingredients are known for their skin-lightening and skin-nourishment properties. Spinz Sun-Tan Remover is a no-bleach formulation, making it absolutely safe for daily use. It is a cream-based wash-off product that makes it easy to apply and wash off.

How to use Spinz Sun-Tan Remover


My Experience with Spinz Sun-Tan Remover

Packaging: This de-tan cream comes in a simple, small, glossy tube with a sturdy screw-up purple cap. The color combination of white and purple looks so attractive. Even the 25 g tube comes along with a sturdy carton box with all the necessary information printed on it. Indeed, a mess-free and travel friendly packaging.

Packaging of Spinz Sun-Tan Remover


Texture: This de-tan cream is white in color. It is creamy and thick in consistency. It has a weird artificial/medicinal smell, which may put some off, but luckily the fragrance does not linger on the face. It is easy to apply. As it is a wash-off cream, it is easy to remove as well.

Texture of Spinz Sun-Tan Remover


Performance: De-tanning is a must and requires dedicated time for it. I have never taken salon de-tan treatments as tanning is a constant in my life and I cannot afford to spend too much money nor time there. I usually rely on homemade de-tan methods but was quite lazy to follow it religiously. Then I came across “Spinz Sun-Tan Remover,” and this is one of my best discoveries in terms of skincare products.

“Spinz Sun-Tan Remover” is a no-bleach, wash-off, instant de-tan cream. Do we need anything more than these properties—certainly no! I took this cream and applied on to my wet face as instructed, waited for 5 minutes, and then washed off. Oh my god, the result was amazing! It had reduced my fresh tan instantly, and my skin looked bright and radiant. This cream cannot be used more than once a day. On a regular use, this cream does remove sun tan completely and provides fresh and bright look. It did not dry out my skin and is suitable for all skin types. When applied, there will be a tingling sensation on the skin, but it is quite normal and totally bearable. It is a really good product for its price. It is definitely not a bleach and works on the skin and not on the fine facial hair. Though it contains natural ingredients such as saffron, lemon, honey, and milk, it contains parabens as well. It is just a de-tan cream, so do not expect any skincare qualities from it. Overall, this cream is really effective and takes off all fresh tan from my skin. If you go out in the sun quite often, then this is the best de-tan cream for you.

Swatch of Spinz Sun-Tan Remover


Pros of Spinz Sun-Tan Remover

  • Easy to use
  • On-the-go de-tan cream
  • Inexpensive
  • Travel friendly
  • Leaves skin visibly de-tanned and radiant
  • Does not dry up the skin
  • No bleach
  • Availability

Cons of Spinz Sun-Tan Remover

  • Contains parabens
  • Has a weird smell

Rating: 4.5/5

Would I Repurchase/Recommend Spinz Sun-Tan Remover

I highly recommend this product as it is really effective. Give it a try and no doubt you all going to like it. I am completely in a repurchasing spree as this product has taken a permanent place in my stack.


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