Welcome to My Beauty Blog

Image 2Greetings everybody,

Welcome to my first-ever beauty blog!

My passion has always been makeup, and I like writing too. Combining both, I have come up with this beauty blog, where I will share comprehensive reviews on makeup products. It seems our brain can process images 60,000 times faster than it can process words. Thus, I have adopted a visual content strategy for my blog. Feel-real photographs shot through a professional camera will accompany every post to make you feel the actual product.

I love to try new makeup products and have always bought from the drugstore or cosmetic businesses online. As high-end makeup products are much raved about and reviewed, I wanted to review drugstore products and show everyone that a ton of money needn’t be spend to get good quality makeup. Moreover, nowadays drugstore products are revamped and come in par with high-end brands.

Can you believe I have already posted a product review before welcoming you all to my blog—that’s how crazy I am about makeup!

I am super excited to share my thoughts to you all. If you need a review on any particular product, feel free to comment below or write an email to me. Do subscribe, and I guarantee that you won’t be disappointed.

Thanks for visiting my blog!


Author: knowyourmakeupblog

Copy editor, beauty blogger, fashion freak, makeup addict, food junk, travel lover

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